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We found Anderson Group International company to be very responsive to our needs as we tried to repair our house back to normal; their communication with us was frequent and effective and made us feel confident that they were going to find ways to fix things
Michael and Carol H.

Remediation Solutions for those with Environmental Sensitivities in Northern California

Anderson Group International (AGI) specializes in mold remediation, environmental cleaning and other services that improve indoor environmental conditions. Our remediation strategies rely on thorough source removal and detailed cleaning which reduces the need to use harmful cleaning solutions and chemicals to accomplish the task.

We specialize in helping those with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Lyme Disease and/or other debilitating challenges and illnesses and our remediation process is part of the Shoemaker Protocol*.

AGI is an IICRC certified firm and works with indoor environmental professionals, doctors, healthcare facilities, hospitals and others in the medical field, so you can be assured that our staff is knowledgeable, caring, thorough and communicative.

We provide our clients peace of mind and an improved experience through:

  • Thoroughness and attention to detail coupled with knowledge and expertise, resulting in:
    • Significant reduction in total toxic exposure and inflammation.
    • We use safe, plant-based products, such as 7th Generation, KD Gold, and AFM Safe Choice Super Clean.
    • We work with Shoemaker Certified medical practitioners and other doctors and industry professionals to stay updated on the latest best practices when working with those with environmental sensitivities.
  • Compassion, care, and sensitivity to our clients’ needs
    • We specialize in helping those that suffer from CIRS, MCS, Lyme disease, and other challenges and illnesses.
    • We take care to treat our clients and their homes with the utmost of care.
    • We work with our clients in an understanding, non-judgmental way.

We understand your unique needs

  • Roughly 20% of the population suffers from CIRS, per Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. Many affected by CIRS are unable to excrete mold toxins.
    • CIRS Symptoms include:
      • Brain swelling due to mold
      • Memory loss
      • Suicidal thoughts
      • Fogginess
      • and more.
    • Those affected by Lyme disease often suffer from CIRS or MCS.

Reduction in total toxic exposure

  • AGI uses mild-nontoxic products and cleaners.
    • Our product of choice is 7th Generation, however we realize that each client is unique. Our remediation process has the flexibility to substitute a variety of cleaners depending on our clients’ sensitivities and preference.
    • We not only use non-toxic products on the job, but in our own households as well, to minimize environmental impacts to our clients.

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