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Since 1999, the Anderson Group team has been helping clients restore their properties after disasters of all kinds. We understand our customers’ need for fast, reliable service in order to get back to everyday life. Unscheduled remodeling is hard to manage if the restorers in charge of the project don’t understand the situation.

We pride ourselves on employing some of the finest restorers in our area—people who take care of our customers like they are part of their own families. Our goal is to help our customers make informed decisions that they are comfortable with. We do this by providing expert knowledge and top-notch customer service throughout every phase of the project.

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Our Mission

Anderson Group International is dedicated to being a premier disaster recovery firm through rapid response, superior customer service, and the use of industry-leading technology. Our diverse team of experts is committed to reaching our clients’ goals and exceeding their expectations.

Our Vision

Anderson Group International will distinguish itself as a leader in premiere property restoration and remediation services and will be recognized for the reputation of its staff in providing excellence throughout North America.

AGI is honest and caring. Here, exceptional service is our standard. AGI sets its policies and procedures around the convenience and needs of its clients. AGI values are not something we merely talk about, they drive everything we do.

The members of AGI’s team are committed to creating enthusiastic supporters on every project through quality work, exceptional service and professional, timely communication. We treat our client’s property and possessions as if they were our own.

We provide a great work environment for all of our team members, which allows for professional development and career advancement. AGI provides clear job expectations, challenging performance standards, and honest, timely and clear responses. The bench strength of our staff is responsible for our success.At AGI, we provide an environment in which all of our team members are involved in the advancement and development of the company. Everyone has the ability to assist in making decisions that affect our service and the final product.

The members of AGI understand that work should be fun. A sense of humor, celebration, excitement and a passion for life are essential in our daily work. A sense of joy, fun, laughter, and play is neither unprofessional nor unintelligent. It is in fact the essence of success in our organization.

Our Values

The Dedicated Values of the Anderson Group International family:

  • The decisions and actions of AGI are responsive to the customer’s needs. 
  • AGI maintains a personal commitment to professionalism and integrity. 
  • AGI celebrates and honors diversity, recognizing that individual differences enrich the whole organization. AGI is distinguished by its commitment to showing respect and consideration for all people. 
  • AGI is committed to a flexible operating environment that facilitates the pursuit of new technologies, processes, and ideas that challenge the status quo. 
  • Quality and continuous improvement are essential to AGI’s success. 
  • AGI reinforces the notion of greater customer service and encourages inter-company teamwork to achieve this goal. 
  • AGI recognizes our leadership role and responsibility to improve the quality of the environment for future generations. 
  • AGI is an effective steward of the local community’s interest.

What Anderson Group International’s customers have to say.

“We found Anderson Group International company to be very responsive to our needs as we tried to repair our house back to normal; their communication with us was frequent and effective and made us feel confident that they were going to find ways to fix things”

Michael and Carol H.

“FEEDBACK SUMMARY: First, the homeowner is “pleased beyond words” with the craftsmanship, communication and professionalism provided by Anderson Group International. Secondly, the re-inspector was impressed with the hardwood floor installer’s ability to tie into the existing, aged floor so to eliminate the need to replace, sand and refinish the entire Dining Room area. Good workmanship here. Start to finish: superb work by the Contractor”

Lee P.

“Anderson Group International was an extraordinary help and essential resource after an extreme crisis wherein a ceiling exploded ruining walls, floors, and filling my home with moldy dirty material. Anderson provided essential support as well as the best possible service. Expert workers from fields as diverse as tile workers to electrical engineers responded immediately. They worked with other service providers-such as mold remediation groups-to restore functioning. I cannot recommend them highly enough. My gratitude and appreciation stays with me long after the repairs are beautifully completed.”

Bette K.

“His communication was crystal clear, as he provided me with both a step by step detail of the work needed to be done and a time line. They both had respect for both my office and patients!”

Dr. Michael F.

“He has demonstrated not only great communication and service, but shows a vast knowledge of the work he does. He has completed these projects diligently and in a timely manner, with intentions of making this transition for our residents as comfortable as possible by having their respective homes ready to move back.”

Ben M.

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