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Emergency Response Program

About This Process

Anderson Group offers our corporate clients a comprehensive loss management solution that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. With an Anderson Group Emergency Response Priority Program in place, you are prepared for any size disaster and you can relax knowing that your property is protected.

The Anderson Group Emergency Response Priority Program is designed to seamlessly integrate into pre-existing disaster response strategies and recovery plans. Being a part of the Anderson Group Emergency Response Priority Program also guarantees preferred treatment after a large scale disaster, like a hurricane or major storm. In the event of a multiple-location loss, we are backed by our strategic partners and over 300 network affiliate locations.

Unlike many ERP’S on the market, Anderson Group will develop an Emergency Response Priority Program that is customized for your property. A requirement of our program is a comprehensive site visit which allows our experts to familiarize themselves with your property. During that inspection Anderson Group will review building plans, tenants/operations, and collect other vital information which will give Anderson Group the ability to properly respond in the event of a disaster.

The process includes:


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