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Water Damage

The response time is critical to minimise the damage the water causes. That is why our team is ready and waiting to act 24/7.

About this Process

Water damage is one of the most common forms of damage to both residential and commercial properties. Damage is generally caused by flooding, fire suppression, burst pipes, or sewer backup. From water extraction to dehumidification, Anderson Group can handle all your drying needs, regardless of scope and scale. Water damage services include water extraction, complete structural drying, advance dehumidification, mold and environmental remediation, carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning, document salvage, drying and reprocessing, electronics restoration, and structural repairs. Whether 50 square feet residential, or 50,000 commercial or industrial loss, Anderson Group has the knowledge and expertise to ensure drying is done quickly and efficiently.

Anderson Group mobilizes immediately to assess the damage, create a rough order of magnitude to fix the problem, and use the proper procedures for a complete and lasting restoration. Through the use of industry proven drying techniques to guarantee the most efficient drying process, our dehumidification experts set up, monitor, and document the drying process through every phase to ensure proper drying occurs. We ensure that moisture deep within walls, floors, and contents are thoroughly removed, avoiding a wide range of problems in the future.


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